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About me

Katharina Bergander, born 1966

I live with my family in the north of Berlin and work as an engineer. Since 2010 I have been learning more and more about watercolour.

I am trying to improve my technique constantly. A lot is self teached. But I also had strong input from workshops of artists like Sanjay Skider, Andreas Mattern,  Sabine Ziegler and Jens Hübner.

Every time I picked up a certain piece: composition, shadows, single colours or vitality within the painting. I developed my style mostly by trying out (and failing a lot) on my own.


I love to paint pleinair, also on busy places. Painting helps to have a closer look on details. I am curious where to go further.

Exhibitions and Award

Changing group exhibitions :


Alter Dorfkrug Lübars
Freie Nordberliner Kunstausstellung

2013 /2017 Exhibition at dental surgery 

Dr. Gertich / Dr. Krautschick

2018  2nd Baltic Sea Pleinair Festival ,  

Winner 1. award

2019 3rd Baltic Sea Pleinair Festival , 

Winner Public Award

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